Tom, Pangbourne Center Manager

"I have worked for Kings Summer for five years. For me the company represents the discovery of teaching as a profession, as Kings Summer gave me my first ever teaching job.

I remember the nerves and sheer excitement of teaching enthusiastic faces arrived from all over the world and being put through my paces by beginner young learners to whom I could make a huge impact, and talented, older, advanced students. Kings Summer has nurtured me as a professional over the years, and I have proudly held co-ordinator positions for the past two summers, which has allowed me to develop a much greater skills set.

I return to Kings because of the rapport and friendships that exist, because of the beauty of the locations and schools, because of the breadth and scope of their international student admissions, and because of the opportunities that working for Kings Summer have given me to develop my career. This summer was particularly special working with students from China, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Italy and Turkey, places so culturally different that the school atmosphere is really vibrant and exciting — students want to share their ideas about what the world is, learn from one another and make lasting international friendships.

My favourite memory seems to be updated every year, so at present it is of actually running an activity session last year at Bath Downside — cooking! The students that jumped to fill the spaces on the session were all of the youngest and most energetic children, infamous in the staffroom, and really a diverse mix of nationalities. My favourite moment was the insight which I had after the students had prepared and measured their ingredients meticulously, responded to questions, and collaborated so well in their groups to produce very impressive mixtures for vegetable burgers — using incredible language, exhibiting perfectly everything which is expected of the student and the summer camp experience. The insight was: how much quality learning happens during activities and on excursions, and how when teaching at a summer school the learning should be special, unshackled, and how Kings Summer was enabling that. Also I had a pretty big chuckle when one student caught on that they weren't making cookies, an hour into the lesson, but then enjoyed the food and shared it with their friends and group leader. 

I would say to anyone considering working for Kings, whether a newly qualified or experienced teacher, to go for it. There are so many language schools and companies out there but Kings is unique. To me it represents quality and care, and above all I have some of the best weeks and months every year being a part of what they do. I couldn't recommend it any more highly."


Centre Manager, Pangbourne, 2015–2016
Teacher, Pangbourne, 2012–2014

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