Angela, Centre Manager London South Bank

"Working at Kings each summer is kind of like a reunion. We see people who are scattered all across the world for a few weeks each year and catch up with returning staff and some of the students who return.

The students are great and just want to have a good time. I have seen some students for several consecutive summers, seen their English improve and watched them grow up. I know that Kings has been an important part of their childhood.

Sometimes at the end of the summer when I am tired I wonder why I come back! But even through the hard work, it is still fun. The students are great, the staff form a pretty tight team over the weeks and there are always nice memories to take away every summer. It is nice to have a range of cultures at the centres. At first everyone sticks to what they know but after a few days everyone knows each other, they are chatting away in English, sharing their cultures. Every year we have a student from a country I know nothing about and I like to learn about it.

I have come back again and again because every year it is new. There is always some new centre opening or a new place on the itinerary. Every person in the team offers something unique, we have had American footballers, opera singers, ballet dancers, gymnasts, survival experts, expert teachers, musicians — all sorts of people with amazing skills on the staff. The best part is using those skills to make every summer different to the last, letting people share the things they are good at with the students, and trying to pick up some new skills too!

If you are considering working for Kings Summer — just do it. I did it on a whim one year and came back for 5 more summers. It is hard work, and you have to be prepared for the unexpected but it is totally worth it because the people you meet and the skills you learn stay with you forever."


Centre Manager, London South Bank, 2016
Centre Manager, Cheltenham, 2015
Centre Manager, Sherbourne, 2013–2014
Activity Manager, Orlando, 2012
Activity Leader, Sherbourne, 2011

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