Anastasia, Activity Leader Malibu 2017

"As a staff member, the Kings Summer experience represents a lot to me. I’ve been an Activity Leader for three years and I have loved being a part of the Kings Summer family.

I have such wonderful memories from each year. From taking trips to amusement parks to working with the students and having them showcase their many talents, it has been a pleasure.

I return to work for Kings Summer because of its exciting and lively atmosphere. Every day is a new adventure. I like working with international students because they come from such diverse backgrounds. The best part about working for Kings Summer is getting the opportunity to meet such an eclectic group of students.

If I were to speak with someone who was potentially interested in working for Kings, I would encourage them to do so if they are interested in having a very memorable summer experience."


Activity Leader, Malibu/Marymount, 2016
Activity Leader, Malibu, 2015
Activity Leader, Marymount, 2014

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It is hard work but I cannot recommend the experience enough
Caitlin, Bath (Downside) Assistant Activities Manager 2018 »