FAQs for USA jobs

How do I apply for a role with Kings Summer in the USA?

To apply for a role with Kings Summer at one of our USA centers, please complete our online application form on the 'Apply now!' page. Also ensure that you complete the second step of the application process, which requires you to email your resume and applicable qualifications to usajobs@kingssummer.com.

Where does Kings Summer have summer schools?

Please refer to the Our Locations page for more information.

What qualifications are required for a role with Kings Summer?

For all Teaching roles we require a completed teaching qualification. This includes a CELTA, TEFL, Trinity Certificate in TESOL, MA TESOL or equivalent. In addition, a completed Undergraduate degree is required and previous teaching experience is desired.

Candidates interested in a Director of Studies position are required to display the minimum teaching requirements in addition to a minimum of two years' teaching experience, management experience preferred.

Activity Leader roles do not require formal qualifications — we do however place preference on applicants who have previous experience of working with children and teenagers, as well as applicants with sports/coaching experience and qualifications, or experience of working in an international camp environment.

Lifeguards are required to display a current and valid certificate.

Please refer to our How to apply section and to the Job Descriptions for more information on the required documentation. 

What happens after I submit my application?

Once you have completed the online application form and emailed your resume/qualifications to the recruitment email address, your application will be reviewed.

If you meet all requirements, you will be scheduled for a phone or Skype interview. This interview usually lasts 45-60 minutes and, depending on the role and location, you may be invited to a face-to-face interview.

All staff are must be eligible to work in the US. All gaps in resumes will be queried and two references are required for each applicant.

Upon successful interview you will receive an offer letter, new hire paperwork and information regarding your role with Kings Summer.

We aim to promote managers from within, based on performance in previous summer but highly encourage new applicants as well.

Will I be background checked?

Yes, Kings Summer will conduct a background check.

In addition, we require two references from a recent employer or college/university. All employment offers are subject to satisfactory results of both.

Will I be placed at the location of my choice?

The recruitment team will aim to place you at your preferred Summer Center, should your application be successful.

In certain circumstances it may be necessary to allocate staff to a different location than originally applied for or offered. In this case you will be contacted before your start date. In rare instances we may ask staff to move to another center to meet business needs after commencement of the position.

What does a typical work week look like?

All staff work 6 days per week, with one full day off per week. In addition to teaching and leading activities, all team members are expected to cover residential duties, which include wake up calls, shuttle supervision, meal supervision and bedtime duties.

Requests for longer absences throughout the course of the summer should be made in advance to starting the assignment through the recruitment team or directly to the Center Manager at the commencement of your time with Kings Summer.

What is the single and double shift system?

In a single-shift center, Teachers teach 15 hours per week spread over 2.5 days and are involved in leading activities for the remaining hours of that week.

In a double-shift center, Teachers will teach 30 hours per week spread over 5 days and support the Management Team with excursions and/or activities one day per week.

Will training be provided for my role?

All staff will have access to the following training and materials: 

  1. Staff Handbook
  2. Online staff portal with training materials, presentations and frequent. You will be expected to review and study these documents before you start your role
  3. One day of on-site training before commencement of your role

How will I be paid?

Staff are paid bi-weekly, every other Friday, through direct deposit.

How much will I be paid?

Activity Leaders will earn $410 in NY and $485 in CA per week, Teachers earn $600 per week. Management staff will be paid based on role and experience.

Do I need to wear a uniform?

All staff will be provided with Kings Summer issued uniform consisting of a Polo/T-shirt and hooded sweatshirt. Uniform has to be worn during all shifts. Employees are expected to keep uniforms clean and presentable and dress according to their role/ the activity they are scheduled to lead.

Will I live on campus?

Most of our staff live on-campus in a residential capacity. On occasion, it is possible for Teachers and Activity Staff to be non-residential and live off campus.

All of our accommodation is in twin rooms in dorms located on campus. Staff will be located in the same areas as students for the purpose of supervision and will likely share a room with another staff member of the same gender.

All residential staff will be provided with three meals per day. Cooking facilities are not provided.

What shall I bring if I am living on campus?

Please bring your own towels and any personal items you may require throughout the summer. Bedding will be provided but we encourage staff to bring their own.

Teachers should bring classroom suitable attire, which can be worn with the uniform. All staff should bring comfortable clothing and footwear, suitable for sports, beach trips, walking tours and sightseeing excursions. As our centers are in climates with changeable weather, a light jacket suitable for rainy days is recommended too.

All staff are responsible for valuables (such as laptops, tablets, cell phones) which are brought to campus, so we advise for these to be covered by personal insurance.

We also encourage staff to bring along their favorite teaching materials, musical instruments, etc. (within reason) to enhance the programme delivery.

Will I have access to laundry facilities?

Yes, all of our sites have an on-site laundry, which depending on center is either free or a cost of around $3 per wash/dry.

Will Kings Summer organize staff transport?

All staff are required to arrange their own transportation to the center. Upon request we will facilitate communication between staff to arrange ride sharing, and the staff Facebook group is also useful for this.

Can I bring a car to campus?

Yes. Our centers are located on university campuses, which provide free parking.

What are residential duties?

These are typically meal and bedtime duties. You will generally be required to do 3 to 4 duties (of 30–45 minutes) each week on a rota basis.

Do I need to remain on campus at all times?

No, staff are encouraged to explore the local area and enjoy their time off while not on duty. All staff must adhere to school rules and curfew times (where appropriate). Please refer to the Kings Summer Staff Handbook for more detailed for residential and non-residential staff.

How can I communicate with the other staff in advance of the summer?

Once hired we will invite you to join our staff Facebook group, where we encourage staff to communicate with each other.