Be safe


Safety and welfare

Student welfare and safety are always our top priorities at Kings Summer.

We understand and acknowledge the trust that you put in us, and take our responsibility very seriously. For this reason, we have specific policies and procedures in place for all junior students who attend our summer programmes.

Our locations have all been selected for their safe and secure environments, and we offer only the highest levels of supervision.


When you send children to the UK or to the USA to study, you need to be confident that everything is done to make sure they are protected and safe.

Insurance for USA-bound students

For students travelling to the USA to study with us, we have developed an excellent value insurance policy with Guard.Me. We will arrange insurance for students via at application stage automatically. This can be removed from the booking once proof of insurance is shown.

Student insurance will cost US$45 per week.

Insurance for UK-bound students

We have developed an insurance policy which is especially designed for international students in conjunction with Endsleigh, a major UK insurance provider.

Student insurance will cost £8 per week.

The insurance policy gives a very high level of cover and will protect you against loss of possessions as well as accident or emergency.

To include insurance cover, complete the student insurance section when you're filling in the enrolment form.

To view the details of the insurance, download the Insurance Policy and the Statement of Insurance.

Free time and curfew

Residential Summer Centres

Students are not permitted to leave the Centre without supervision. There is 24-hour supervision within the Centre.

Vacation Extra / Oxford Intensive Academic Courses

Students who come as part of a group are the responsibility of the Group Leader when not in lessons. A member of Kings staff is given the role of 'group leader' for individuals aged under 16.

In Bournemouth and Oxford students can go into the town centre unsupervised after lessons and in the evenings/ weekends. In London and Boston, students are not permitted to travel into the city without supervision by a member of staff or their Group Leader.

Students under 16 must return to their homestay or residence by 21.30.

Students aged 16 or 17 must return by 22.30.

Students aged under 16 are not given their own house key in homestay accommodation.

Emergency contact form

An Emergency Contact form must be completed prior to arrival by all students attending courses at our residential summer centres, students taking the Vacation Extra programme and also the Oxford Intensive Academic programme. In addition, mobile phone numbers for each student and their parents are recorded as part of the individual notes we hold about them on our student database.

Student cards and wristbands

All students on the Residential Summer Courses, Vacation Extra programmes and the Oxford Intensive Academic programme are given a student card and a wristband on arrival (both with an emergency contact number).

Airport transfers

Residential Summer Centres/Vacation Extra Courses/ Oxford Intensive Academic Course

All students attending Residential Summer Centres, Vacation Extra or Oxford Intensive Academic must book a Kings arrival/ departure transfer unless travelling with a Group Leader or with a responsible adult.

Arrival transfer

Transfers for students attending Residential Summer Centres, Vacation Extra or Intensive Academic include a Meet and Greet service on arrival (by the driver or a member of Kings staff). On arrival, students may be required to wait 2–3 hours for other students if they have booked an Economy Transfer service in the UK.

Departure transfer

On departure students travelling with a Group Leader will be dropped at the terminal entrance and the Group Leader will be responsible for check-in. Students travelling without an adult will be checked in by Kings staff or the driver.

Unaccompanied minors

Please notify us in writing in advance if your child is travelling as an Unaccompanied Minor. A supplement applies to the departure transfers of Unaccompanied Minors for 'check-in and wait' services.

Daytime activities

These are compulsory for all students on our Residential Summer Courses, Vacation Extra programmes and the Oxford Intensive Academic programme.

Evening activities

These are compulsory for students on all Residential Summer Courses and on the London Vacation Extra programme. We conduct a registration on arrival for fire / safety purposes.


Residential Summer Centres/Vacation Extra/Oxford Intensive Academic

Excursions are compulsory for all courses and registration is taken on each excursion.

All students are registered and their mobile phone numbers are collected during the excursion journey (if not already registered during their first week). Students are re-counted and re-registered on a regular basis throughout the excursion.

All students receive an 'I am lost' card or information sheet with the emergency number for that excursion.

Students aged 12 and under must stay with their Group Leader or Kings staff at all times.

Students aged 13–16 must stay in small groups (4 or more students) and in a clearly designated area (such as a main shopping street) during their free time.

Students aged 17+ will have free time and should return to the designated meeting point at the time agreed with the guide.

During agreed free time on excursions, the guide will wait at a designated place so that they are easy to see and/or contact.

SIM cards for mobile phones

We strongly recommend that all students buy or pre-order a UK or USA SIM card or a SIM and phone package so that it is as easy as possible for Kings staff to maintain contact with them while they are with us.