Denis from Russia

"When I arrived, I was settled in a room with other 3 people but my parents ordered a single room. Next day the manager came to me and asked if I wanted to move to a single room. I was very surprised because they solved this problem very fast. Now I live in a single room and I've got a lot of friends in my house. 

I am on the Intensive Academic so I don't have activities but the lessons are not boring at all. I like Intensive lessons."

Denis did the Intensive Academic course at Bath (Downside).

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I'm happy I did this experience
Massimo from Switzerland »
Students were taught in a fun way..
Group leader Zoya Daramilova »
Thank you very much wonderful Farringtons team ..
Group leader Aigerim Ramazanova »
If you want to learn English in an interesting way, go to Bath Downside Kings Summer
Nadezhda from Russia »
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The feedback we got from the students was all praise
Alena Popovskaya from Russia »
By far it has been the best camp that I've ever been to
Alvaro from Spain »
I met people from all over the world
Fernanda from Brazil »
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This campus is very big and beautiful
Tulio from Brazil »
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Everything was very professionally organised
Group leader Denis Kolesnikov »
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We are sad to know it is almost finished and we all want to come back next year..
Julie from France »
I loved the Pepperdine campus, where you could always see the ocean
Lia from Switzerland »