Rafflesia goodbye... for now!

Rafflesia goodbye... for now!

Kings Oxford were delighted to welcome the first group of students from Rafflesia International and Private Schools this summer, from Kuala Lumpur.

Rafflesia are a partner school of Kings, offering both Malaysian National Curriculum (SPM) and iGCSE qualifications in Malaysia. Students from years 10 and 11 formed a group to travel to Oxford with Kings this summer, and spent 10 days enjoying many aspects of both UK study and UK life.

Lucy Cattermole, Kings Regional Director, South East Asia, said, "The students from Rafflesia were an absolute delight to welcome to our college in Oxford. They were polite, enthusiastic, hard-working and also seemed to enjoy their time in the UK immensely! Our entire team in Oxford were very sad to see them leave, and we very much look forward to welcoming groups from Rafflesia in the future".

On their last day, students gave goodbye speeches, and here's what they had to say.

“I thoroughly enjoyed my stay here because of the food, the friends, the strangers that became friends, the teachers, the buildings — every part of these 10 days have been really, really fun.”

“I’ve met a lot of good people and I really appreciate it, and I like the teachers as well. They are good and they are kind and they are humorous.”

“I think the classes that the teachers teach us is very different from Malaysia, and I think that it is cool and the buildings are unique too, and here the weather is better, I like here weather! I love these teachers because they are helpful, they are kind and caring.”

“I really really really like it here because the friends are so cool, the teachers are awesome, all the places we went, all the walking — we never walk that much in Malaysia, the walking was fantastic!"

“The thing I like most is that I can meet a lot of new friends from different countries, then I like the weather here because we can never have this weather in Malaysia, then we get to go to a lot of different places and I like that very much.”

“Personally I really enjoyed my stay here, especially the Social Activities Coordinators, they are really friendly and very helpful and they devoted their time to take us around London yesterday and I really appreciate them. And about the international friends I met, they really gave me a good experience on how to be friends with people from different nationalities. For the classes, I really enjoyed the classes and I learned to open up because I’m kind of an introvert but I spoke to many of my friends.”

“I too have really enjoyed my stay here. Kings has enabled me to maximise my potential as an English student and I really hope I can come here soon.”

We hope to see the Rafflesia students again next summer!

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